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Bootcamp 2017PRESS RELEASE

Date: April 27, 2017

The Breakthrough Business Bootcamp is an immersive, 5-week entrepreneurship program, where women and/or minority-owned companies will focus on customer engagement and strategic growth. The Bootcamp will take place at LouieLab on 745 E Main Street in Louisville, KY on Saturdays from May 20th through June 17th, 2017.

Bootcamp participants will have access to business mentors, branding/marketing consultants, legal experts, and financial planners. Utilizing Lean Startup practices, participants will access a network of experts to assist them with advanced market research and customer discovery. The Bootcamp will conclude with The Breakthrough Business Launch Fest on June 22nd, 6pm – 9pm. At this platform event, participants will debut their newly strategized companies to potential customers, funders, partners and the region at large.

The featured trainers for the Bootcamp are accomplished experts in entrepreneurship. Toni Sears, MBA is a Management Consultant for the Kentucky Small Business Development Center (KSBDC). She is a twice recipient of the Million Dollar Loan Club, a distinction honoring consultants who have assisted with more than $1 million in funding for their clients. Sears will coach participants to develop a profitable financial plan; she adds, “This program focuses on direct interaction with entrepreneurs, which I’ve found is most effective in understanding their needs and providing practical solutions.” Other Bootcamp trainers include Dr. Angelique Johnson of MEMStim LLC, Raechele Gray, MBA of Greater Works Design Studio, Martin Lindsey of Phunky Pixel Media, and Pastor Timothy Findley, Jr. of Life Development Corporation.

Program registration is $250 per person, and additional members of the same company may register at $100 per person. The program is limited to 20 participants and companies must be at least 51% women and/or minority owned, managed, and controlled. Please refer to the website for online registration and details:

The Breakthrough Business Bootcamp is supported by organizations that are passionate about stimulating economic development. These partners include Life Development Corporation, the Kentucky Small Business Development Center, LouieLab, MEMStim LLC, Greater Works Design Studio, Phunky Pixel Media, Heine Brothers’ Coffee and many individual supporters. Dr. Angelique Johnson, CEO/Founder of MEMStim, notes, “We have assembled a village of experienced business experts, service providers and leaders to support these breakout-companies with executable solutions and tangible building blocks.”

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the Diversity Pitch Fest, please reach out to:

The Diversity Pitch Fest is a grassroots economic development initiative designed to significantly increase the social, creative and financial capital of women and/or minority-owned enterprises. Programs include The Breakthrough Business Bootcamp, a seed funding competition and The Diversity Pitch Fest, a celebration of diverse entrepreneurship. For more information, please visit or e-mail


The Breakthrough Business Bootcamp: To propel woman-owned and minority-owned ventures into the global marketplace


The Breakthrough Business Bootcamp:




The Breakthrough Business Bootcamp is a collaboration between:

  • Life Development Corporation
  • The Kentucky Small Business Development Center
  • LouieLab
  • MEMStim, LLC
  • Greater Works Design Studio
  • Phunky Pixel Media
  • Heine Brothers’ Coffee
  • Regional innovators, non-profit organizations & local entrepreneurs


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of The Breakthrough Business Bootcamp, please e-mail program organizers at for more information. You may also contribute electronically at


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